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Day 01: Spituk - Zinchen (4-5 hrs) We start driving from Leh in the morning to Spituk village around 7 km and start hiking to our first homestay village Zinchen 3600m through a dry and barren land. Arrive Zinchen in the afternoon and rest of day relex.Overnight homestay (with all meals)

Day 2: Zingchen - Rumbak (3-4 hrs)After breakfast enter Hemis national park and ascends towards Rumbak village through a beautiful gorge. Over night at Rumbak homestay. (with all meals)

Day 3: Rumbak - Stok via Stok La (6-7 hrs) Today we walk gradually at the beginning but the trail becomes steep near the Stok La 4900m. The pass offer beautiful views of surrounding mountains and Indus valley. We descend from the pass towards Lchangma-chan then easy downhill with nice views of colorful mountains and straight down to Stok village where a car will be waiting for us to drive to drive back to leh (40-minutes drive).
All melas
drop to trekking starting point
pick up from stok (Selected in extra service)

Wild life fee ( will be collected at wild life ranger at check points)
camera fee: Many need to pay if its a professinal video or camera with tripord

What to expect on home-stay trekking

Meals: you will be served with tea and local cookies on your arrival. Your dinner will be served on your preferred time (mostly by 7 to 8 PM). Let them know your meal timing & specification at least an hour before.  Breakfast will be served with tea coffee, eggs local Jam & breads.

Night stay: You will be provided with clean bed cover and blanket at all home stays, however we suggest you to take along your own sleeping bag.
Toilet: At most of the homestay there is only local dry toilet facilities, you will find WC at some places only on Sham trek, hence we suggest you to take along your own stock of toilet paper and other sanitary needs.

Drinking Water:  You will be provided boiled water for drinking purposes, even-though we suggest you to carry your own water purifier pills (iodine) or other purification equipment, and always refill your bottle in the morning for rest of the day hike.

Pack Lunch:  Lunch will be provided as a packed lunch every morning before; you begin your day hike if they don't (sometime might forget) remind them to pack one for you. Other beverages like could drinks beer or extra tea coffee are available on extra payment at most of the places.   

How to Book?
01: Select the date you want to start in the Check-in date field 
02: Check the number of participants (member) in the Number of room area 
03: There is extra service option, like guide, transportation etc, if you want to add those. The guide add on is pre-added serivce hence no need to add it.

Extras during trekking:
There will be a wildlife fee of Rs 20 per person per day on Marka valley trek, if you visit a monastery in villages or along the way, might charge  an entrance fee of Rs.20 to Rs30

Why Book with Us:
You’re booking with a local booking office located in Ladakh itself (no middle man commission) means your benefiting the local community directly to encourage using more locally produced good and generate direct income from the visitors to the village households.  Thus they are (the village community) more personal, eco-conscious and respect wild life to attract more guests.

Our Guide:
Our guides are natives ladakhi trekkers, kno, acquainted with flora and fauna. Will guide you and teach the local way of life, means more interaction with the local community along the trail. Will take care of you at utmost for safety, and comfort.

Gear list and personal items to bring along:
Sleeping bag (optional)
Pair of good Hiking shoes and floater/sandal for water crossings and in-house use
Pair UV protected sunglass
SPF 30to50 sun lotion
Water purifier equipment or pills
Personal medicine
Extra socks
Warm jacket
Sun Head /p-cap
Rain jacket
Warm pullover
Cargo paints /shorts
Torch with extra batteries
Trail mix or cookies/dry fruits  (can be purchased in Leh)
Multi purpose small knife (carry with your check-in baggage while on Air travel)
A solar charger if you need to charge your battery constantly

Room types

$30.90 (Rs2,200.00)
Homestay Trekking 01 person (With All Meals)


* Booking Terms & Conditions

Dear guests
We want you to enjoy a trek with us, so before you book we set out a few points of information to avoid any disappointment.
We ask for a deposit of 10% per cent of the trek cost to guarantee a booking. The balance of 90% percent is payable in full, no later than the date of starting.
1/Read up on it before you book a trek. You may want to look at indiamike.com, which has posts on Ladakh in the J & K section, both from Indians and India-loving foreigners and provides contrasting perspectives.
AMS or Acute Mountain Sickness is at best debilitating and at worst fatal, far too many people suffer from it on a trek despite it being almost entirely avoidable. Please read about it before you come, a useful website is http://www.altitudemedicine.org/ - American biased but accurate, it contains all you need to know.
If you look at this website please absorb the advice about Diamox (check with your Doctor) and hydration.
A safe rate of ascent can be summarised as sleeping for 3 nights at 3500 metres then ascending to 4000 on day 4, 4400 on day five and no more than 4700 on day 6. If you plan to sleep higher than this, take an extra day at 4700. Slower will be better, faster and some of you will definitely get sick. As this may mean abandoning the holiday of a lifetime.......
2/ Please remember that whilst you don't need to be paratrooper fit to enjoy a trek in Ladakh, you do need to be fit. This can be difficult for some of you who are chained to a desk for your working day but you have to do it. (Hats off to those bravehearts who go jogging in the early morning Delhi smog.) If you are unfit you will not manage to finish. Go to the gym, work out at home etc etc
3/ Buy decent boots, they don't have to be expensive but trainers don't grip well enough on trails. Don't even think of chappals. Believe us, some people do.....
4/ Buy or hire decent clothing, waterproofs, sun hat, plenty to keep you warm at night, it can drop below freezing on some campsites. Don't underestimate the cold if you come from the South.
5/ The Himalaya is the Abode of the Gods. This means that They, not you or us are in charge. If They send rain or snow the trek may be curtailed - rivers get too high, snow blocks the pass etc. We cannot refund in these circumstances if we have to turn back.[1]
6/ We always trek at a proper rate of acclimatisation, in order to keep you safe. This may mean that some days are short and you may want to speed up and go further; if the guide says no then this will be because it is not safe to do so. We will not compromise on this, so don't ask.
7/ We cannot refund monies if the Client or one of their party has to return because of illness or unwillingness. Sometimes it happens that one person wants to go home, that will mean that horseman, carrying a tent, cooking materials and the client's bag may have to go with them. Often this will not be practical for our team to be split and the trek will have to be abandoned by everyone
Our guides and horsemen have to be paid and have given up other work to do this, supplies have to be paid for. The same goes for bad weather conditions that force detours or cancellation. We cannot give money back in these situations, so please think carefully before making that decision. Sometimes, in case of illness, especially AMS, your guide will insist on delay or return, please respect that decision. All of that said, most of our treks go smoothly and you will in fact have the holiday of a lifetime!





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Do you need porter to carry your additional bag ?

Porter to carry your additional bag

$9.83 (Rs700.00) ( Per days (min days) )

Do you need a taxi to drop at Spituk and pick up from Stok village ?

Taxi to drop at Spituk and pick up from Stok village

$42.13 (Rs3,000.00) ( Per booking )

Trekking Guide (Must Need)

Trekking Guide for your homestay trek

$28.09 (Rs2,000.00) ( Per days (min days) )


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